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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

David Letterman's 
Top Ten Signs You're Too Damn Hot

10. You were just named People Magazine's "Sweatiest Man Alive"

9.For you, business casual means a necktie and underpants
8.You begged Rupert Murdoch to hack into a Dairy Queen
7.You were caught texting photos of your heat rash
6.Your sunburns have sunburns: Kids, remember, Dave says wear sunscreen
5.Your baby daughter's first word: "clammy"
4.Your sweat is sweating -- Kids, remember, Dave says drink plenty of liquids
3.Instead of the maid, you're spending time with the pool boy (Schwarzenegger only)
2.Every now and then your ass sizzles and smells like bacon
1.You sit through a taping of the Late Show just for the air conditioning

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