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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lemonade and cracker stand??
>  Admittedly, Yes. 

During the summers of my early elementary schools years, I had an annual lemonade stand on my curb. The summer after second grade, selling Ritz crackers seemed like an ingenious way to supplement my lemonade profits. The Ritz crackers were actually nearly as popular as the lemonade: of the three neighbors who bought lemonade, two of them also bought Ritz crackers! The second-grade me was so enthralled by the success of this business endeavor that I asked my dad to help me open a savings account so that my $1.45 would remain out of the hands any household thief (i.e. my younger brother). Opening a savings account, I may add, was a great idea because I was able to make nearly one penny in interest before next year's lemonade stand!

So, the lesson learned from this childhood story is an undeniably inspirational one: if today's economic recession has left you financially challenged, become a Ritz cracker peddler.

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